A reporter from Switzerland interviewed me this past weekend.  During the interview, he asked me what I did to help support the raise of minimum wage.  He was shocked at my reply.  I told him that, based on the laws as they are now, I would support the elimination of all employment protections for the American worker.  It is better if the workers in America could choose to be worked like slaves.  His look indicated that he began to question his reason for traveling to interview me after that!  He responded that as a civil rights lawyer I should feel completely the opposite.

Right now we have a system of capitalism mixed with globalism that supports a race to the bottom.  The American corporations are actively firing hundreds of thousands of American workers to offshore the work to poor countries that do not protect their citizens.  As Americans we have employment protections, such as minimum wage, workers compensation and discrimination laws, which make us, as workers, much more expensive than cheap foreign slave workers who do not have such protections.  The executives and shareholders of American companies want the most money they can get and that means hiring slaves.  If a billionaire can hire a slave instead of a protected worker and the only concern and goal is money than the executive will hire slaves over a protected worker every time.  This makes Americans unemployed with no minimum wage issue because American workers are not making ANY wage.

Americans are being forced to compete with workers from countries such as India, Mexico, Costa Rica and Asia.  American companies are paying slaves in foreign countries a salary of $6,000 per year with a 90 hour work week and no workers compensation-work injury protections.    Contrariwise, the American people have fought for decades for employment protections, the eradication of slavery, the rise of minimum wage and the like.  The American worker cannot opt out of such protections because Americans believe these employment protections are BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.

So the end result of capitalism and globalism with protections for American workers and no similar protections for the foreign workers is that the American workers are unemployable and the foreigner workers are treated as slave labor and super rich billionaires can get richer.

If that is the problem, what is the solution?  Capitalism and globalism are not the problem.  The problem is the current laws and lack of real protections of the American worker.  The world has changed but American laws are still working under the old world.  We need updated laws that actually protect the American workers.  One such law is the protection of Americans’ private data which is required to do the work being sent overseas.  Another such law would be a consideration of the state of the new world and the proper checks and laws required for the protection of American citizens.  The billionaire executives know the new world and know how to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of American workers to retain slaves to do the work for their financial benefit.  The American laws need to be smart and catch up to this new world for the benefit of our American workers!

However, if the American laws are going to remain in the old world, then take away the protections because they do not protect the American workers; rather, they make Americans unemployable!

Image: 8 billionaires who have more money than half of the world’s money combined all together. (http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/01/16/worlds-8-richest-people-mostly-progressive-own-more-than-half-the-world-population/)