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Hot H1B Jobs in IT & Math
1 Programmer Analyst 38,172
2 Software Engineer 21,973
3 Software Developer 10,706
4 Computer Programmer 8,756
5 Systems Analyst 8,579
6 Computer Systems Analyst 5,020
7 Business Analyst 4,111
8 Technology Analyst – Us 3,983
9 Senior Software Engineer 3,734
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Hot H1B Employers in IT & Math
1 Infosys Limited 17,449
2 Ibm India Private Limited 7,814
3 Wipro Limited 7,012
4 Tata Consultancy Services Limited 6,793
5 Capgemini America Inc 6,278
6 Accenture Llp 5,490
7 Tech Mahindra (Americas),Inc. 5,421
8 Deloitte Consulting Llp 3,651
9 Cognizant Technology Solutions U.S. Corporation 3,164
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Hot H1B Locations for IT & Math
1 New York, NY 12,237
2 Atlanta, GA 7,256
3 Houston, TX 6,974
4 San Francisco, CA 6,953
5 Chicago, IL 5,640
6 Irving, TX 5,599
7 San Jose, CA 5,278
8 Sunnyvale, CA 4,777
9 Mountain View, CA 4,391
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This website gathers data regarding the use of H1B visas across the nation.  This shows merely a small number of jobs stolen this past year from Americans and given to unqualified, cheaper foreign labor.  The companies that are listed are Indian based contracting companies that go into American companies, contract with the American companies and fire the Americans after forcing them to train the H1B visa holder.  The visa holder typically then trains workers overseas and the jobs are completely eliminated from the U.S.

Do NOT let your children or grandchildren pursue jobs in the fields listed above.

This is straight statistics and data.  It is informative for those who care about this issue.