Unum Insurance company is a Fortune 500 Insurance company which insures 1/3 of the Fortune 500 companies according to its website.  It insures 30 million people and owns other insurance companies.  Unum signed a contract with HCL of America to outsource and offshore American jobs to India.  The company is slowly terminating the workers, forcing them to train their replacements and offshoring the jobs as much as possible.  IF you are a customer of Unum or a business which uses Unum PLEASE KNOW THAT THE PRIVATE DATA OF THE CUSTOMERS WILL BE ACCESSIBLE OVERSEAS IN INDIA AND OTHER COUNTRIES.  Please know that the company is choosing greed for those at the top over customer quality and over the respect of American workers and the private data of American citizens.

Please contact me at sara@theblackwellfirm.com if you have any ideas of exposing Unum’s despicable, greedy actions.  I am willing to travel anywhere and do anything to bring attention to this company.  Unique ideas are very welcome.

Please see the below list of some of the emails of certain of the board members who likely voted on this sold out business decision.  Please email them and share their emails with others.  We want them to know that they cannot hide behind their money.  We want Unum to know that they will not be spared the anger of the American people.  There is a movement in America where hard working American workers are ready to fight for their rights to work and to stop losing out to the elite billionaire rich.  The CEO, the officers and top shareholders of Unum will benefit millions of dollars for this action.  Why should they benefit while America loses?  I do not see the justice in that!

Thank you for sharing this post and encouraging people to stand up against outsourcing and offshoring jobs and private data!

Unum Board of Director Emails: