September 5, 2016 is Labor Day.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans have been fired in the past year because it is cheaper to higher foreign labor inside, and outside, the United States.  These Americans worked hard, were loyal to their jobs and cared about the work they did.  By the thousands, they were terminated most having to train their foreign replacements before their termination.

On Labor Day, we are going to honor those who have no labor day to celebrate.  The Loss of Labor Day is a demonstration of pink slip flags for each American fired for the sole benefit of the billionaire executives.  The jobs are offshored so a foreigner who makes $12,000 per year can do the job.  The jobs are being given to foreigners in the US because it is cheaper.  Labor Day is a day to celebrate and honor the hard working Americans.  This Labor Day we are honoring the hard working, loyal Americans who were fired and forbidden to do their jobs anymore only to benefit the rich.

Please come out to the event.  The invitation is attached.  If enough people let me know they are attending, we will have special guests.

If you cannot attend but you want to be a part of the movement, you can order a pink flag that says “Rescue  American Flags” for a $10.00 donation to the organization.  You can take this flag with you to every political event or plant it in your front yard.  We can show the nation that we care about American jobs and the American workers.

Please email or call for questions or concerns.  Please attend or order a flag to support the movement.