So many American victims have started coming forward and standing up to the companies that threw them in the trash because foreign labor overseas and in the United States is cheaper.  Americans who have been faithful to an American company for many years are being forced to train a foreigner, in or outside, the United States then the American company fires them to be left with a small severance and a gag order.  BUT, GUESS WHAT!   An American victim has rights EVEN IF they signed a severance and EVEN IF they want to remain silent.

An American victim can file a complaint of discrimination and the company will be investigated by various government agencies.  Protect US Workers files the complaints for free.  It takes only a few minutes of the victim’s time.  During the pendency of the investigation, the victim is anonymous.  The only person who knows of the complaint is the company and the government agencies.  This is a way for American victims to start standing up for themselves and telling the company that what was done to them was wrong.  It also bands together the victims through sheer numbers of complaints filed.

Several complaints are currently being filed against several companies.  American victims: join the movement.  There are time limits so call or email as soon as possible.

The call is free and confidential.  Please feel free to call anytime.  Cell number is 941-961-3046.  We need to EMPOWER THE AMERICAN VICTIMS.  We will educate the nation and force change.

For the American victims that have already signed up to file complaints, YOU ARE A TRUE AND BRAVE WARRIOR.