The Virtual Wall is a viable solution to STOP the offshoring business model.  A Virtual Wall would stop American citizens’ private data from being sent overseas and would stop the access to US industries, such as airlines, trains, cell phones and banks outside the United States.  For security reasons, we need to keep American data and access to American industries in the United States where U.S. federal laws apply.  It is absurd that billionaire company owners and shareholders decide where our private data is sent and where our industries can be accessed.

The jobs that can be completed with a computer or otherwise remotely are being offshored to countries where the wages are excessively and absurdly low.  To bring back those jobs, we need a Virtual Wall.  This wall will stop the offshoring of our technology jobs, accounting, human resources, insurance, banking, customer service and other similar jobs.  Furthermore, it will create jobs in the US for foreign companies that want to do business with our citizens.

This will also stop the exploitation of foreigners in foreign countries by USA billionaire CEOs.  Forcing the work back into the US will stop the foreign slavery.  Globalism should not be a race to the bottom at the expense of everyone by the billionaires.

There might be problems with this solution but it is worth discussing and attempting as a solution.  Germany and many other countries have strong data security laws and the United States has been accused of having weak data security laws.  We can save American jobs, protect American citizens and stop exploitation of foreigners with a Virtual Wall.

President Trump:  a Virtual Wall will cost tax payers no money, will benefit our economy and help our people.  Hire American, Buy American can be achieved with a Virtual Wall.  You promised to build a wall; build this one!!