The ideal of outsourcing is brilliant.  A company that makes widgets can hire a marketing firm instead of two marketing employees, accounting firm instead of two accountants, etc.  This is simply a redistribution of workers from the widget company to the specialist company.  Take two workers from one work place and put them in another.  This gives the company a wider range of skills in each specialty and gives the workers more ability to learn and grow as they work with others in their field rather than with the widget company.

However, this business model only works when the employees are redistributed.  Instead of following this model, CEO billionaires are bringing in cheaper foreign labor to do the jobs and; also, offshoring to even cheaper foreign labor, the jobs that were once the American workers at the widget shop.   Two accountants train foreigners and fired with no new jobs added in any other American company.  Actually, the two job positions will be offshored and there will be two new foreigners in the particular field to compete.  The business model being implemented is a massive decrease in job opportunities because of offshoring hundreds of thousands of jobs and the influx of hundreds of thousands of foreign workers.  Supply and demand dictates that the companies can now pay a much, much lower salary with the excess number of American workers and the limit of jobs available.  IF an American can find a job, the salary decreases.

This has happened in the banking world, insurance world, technology and is starting strong in accounting, human resources, radiology and other areas of work.

The redistribution of workers turned into a redistribution of wealth.  The CEO billionaires save millions of dollars a year by offshoring and outsourcing American jobs.  The foreigners typically receive more money than they would in their native country when they come to US to work (this blog does not address fraud and abuse of foreign workers).  Outsourcing and offshoring in America takes money away from the American workers and puts it in the hands of the CEO billionaires and their hired foreigner workers who are doing the American workers’ jobs.

Americans demand their jobs back.  Americans may be silent now and they may be afraid or uninformed now but soon we will rise and demand the ability to work.  No one wants a hand out.  Americans want RESPECT and Work and an HONEST PAY.