Protect US Workers is an official not-for-profit (501(c)(3)) organization.  The mission is to stop the elimination of American jobs by outsourcing and offshoring.  It plans to do this through every means possible.  Protect US Workers will continue to educate Americans, empower American victims, research and investigate fraud, analyze and file legal claims, provide presentations, organize events and basically everything it takes to win this fight.

We are going to be a band of warriors.  Our war is to save American jobs, American data and America’s future.  Our enemy is the corporate greedy executives and the politicians who are bought by them.  Our weapons are our minds, social media, legal avenues, standing up against the companies, shaming companies and politicians, forcing politicians to work for WE THE PEOPLE and not the corporations and whatever means necessary.  Easy solution:  federal law that no American private data can go overseas.  Period.  Done.  H1B needs to be completely returned to its original rules and intent.  But stopping the data from going overseas will really create change.

We warriors will fight to save America and WE WILL WIN.  We need more warriors.  Start gathering more warriors.  Keep up the good work done so far.  The education to Americans in the past several months has been amazing.  We need more.

Donate if you can or want.  Everything done by Protect US Workers is done by one woman and one website.  The war is an all consuming, never ending task and it is not over until the war is won.  Donations are welcome and becoming necessary.

Thank you in advance for your support financially, by sharing with others to join our fight and for being on the right side of this war!

Sara Blackwell