Congressional Session is beginning……  There are 3 Senate and 1 Congressional complicated immigration reform bills to try to assist in slowing down the influx of unqualified foreigners taking over American jobs.  Passing of any of these bills would be helpful and I support all of them.  Let’s take any steps forward.

However, I do not believe these bills will make any real difference.  This past year I have studied and had my hands in the problem.  I have attended outsourcing world conventions, spoken to thousands of victims, met with the outsourcers and learned the business model.  I have a very easy solution.  One easy bill that will dramatically change the influx of foreigners and virtually eliminate the offshoring of the jobs.  The bill would not be controversial.  Americans would stand behind this bill regardless of their political affiliation or their beliefs about immigration.

I need Senator Sessions to listen.  I have met him several times.  I help many senators when they need me.  I want to go to them now.  It is not that easy.  Please send a twitter message to Senator Sessions to meet with me.  Please call his DC office at (202) 224-4124.  Tell him to meet with me.  Five minutes is all it would take to explain the real solution. Send his scheduler an email at


Meet with Sara Blackwell

Protect US Workers

941-961-3046 (cell)

She has a simple solution to this complicated problem.

Give her five minutes of your time.


Let’s make it impossible for him not to meet with me!!!!!!!

Thank you.  I will keep you guys updated.

Sara Blackwell