Please read the words of an American victim who is not happy about President Elect Trump’s choice to consult with IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty.  This is a great read from someone who has experienced the true problem of outsourcing/offshoring:

I am writing this in the hopes that my voice, and the voice of many IBMers matters.  I had to admit when I heard that the CEO of IBM was going to be advising President Elect Trump as part of Trump’s Business Advisor Group pertaining to the job situation in America, my heart sank for America.  I worked for IBM for 37 years and in the beginning, it was amazing.    I loved my company and I was proud to work there.  They absolutely valued their people, and it showed.  In the late 90’s it started to change; with the focus, solely on the stock market.  The leaders turned on their own employees and the IBM that I and many others knew, slowly became the toxic wasteland of hypocrisy that it is today

After I thought about it, I realized that many of the things that have resonated with me about President Elect Trump are; hearing the voices in America that have not been heard for a long time,  the treatment of our Veterans, the outsourcing of American jobs by American Companies, the attack on Christianity, the fundamentals of being proud of America and of the American Flag to name a few, although there are many others.  I realized that someone with that type of discernment, has a very clear understanding of what matters.

The purpose of this letter is to provide additional information and give an insiders perspective on the inner workings of IBM in the hopes of fair representation and truth prevailing for the US workers.   For this to work America must trust again in their leaders.  We need true transparent and honest leaders that believe in, listen to, and support their employees.  I recognize people can change, however that has not been the type of leadership provided to the IBM US Workers for the entire time Ginni Rometty has been CEO.  Please consider the following:


A lot can be discerned about a company that is arrogant enough to believe they are above the law.

  • IBM has laid off thousands upon thousands of high performing people in the US over the age of 55. The understanding is that by law they are required to reveal this statistical information, however they have not been held accountable.  An exception to this age discrimination appears to be in the ranks of CEO and Senior VP’s.
  • Bullying, nepotism, and fear are common place at IBM. IBM knows that threats of layoffs, when there is a job shortage in the US, gives their management team carte blanche to mistreat employees.  After 25 years of continuous layoffs, the environment is so toxic that employees have adapted to just accept the abuse.
  • IBM forces people to sign their rights away in exchange for what is now a very meager severance package. **Note that the meager severance package is not the case in European countries where the law protects the employees.   Many employees are forced to sign this because they need the income to support their families etc.  Lay off or no lay off if IBM had been treating their US employees fairly, and ethically the lawsuits would not be so prevalent.




A lot can be discerned about leaders and the management of a company by how they treat their employees.

  • HR in IBM, which is technically short for Human Resources, would more appropriately be named Human Remains. Employees in the US have no voice and no rights.  HR Partners support management only, and if employees discuss anything with the HR partner it is used to prepare management for the purposes of protecting them from a law suit.
  • Escalations end up at the top of the HR chain, so in essence as an example if you work for Business Controls in IBM and escalate for wrong processes, procedures, or treatment (which is a business controls role), the escalation will go to the Director level who will not go against their managers and the employee ends up on the short list to layoff.  This sends the message that even if the issue is in the best interest of the company, you have no voice.
  • Employee engagement surveys are given, however honest comments about the environment are not shared. In addition, the sharing of any information is a witch hunt for management to silence anyone that dares say “the emperor has no clothes”


A lot can be discerned about a company that abandons the town that that gave it it’s start.

  • Endicott, NY which is the birthplace of IBM is now a town riddled with crime, poverty, pollution, and drugs.
  • Many of the former bustling IBM buildings which housed upward of 12,000 now lie desolate and are in total disrepair. There are now less than 700 US IBM employees in Endicott.
  • The Endicott IBM Country Club (which was originally intended to benefit all IBM’ers) is rusting, decrepit and a complete eyesore.


A lot can be discerned about a company by how deceptive the communication is.

  • IBM began layoffs in the 1990’s. At that time, they invoked the process that many companies in the US have resorted to today.  They forced the US workers to train their replacements, and used threats of not getting their severance or being fired to ensure the knowledge transfer occurred.  They then held the US workers accountable for the offshore employees until the offshored employees were considered stable.
  • IBM is still off shoring and out sourcing, however they have become much more deceptive. They knowingly target individuals.  They force the coworkers of the targeted employees that they need to complete this transition to sign non -disclosure agreements.  Imagine the type of environment this creates.  They deceive the employee and at the same time undermine them. Meanwhile the employee is unknowingly training the people that are taking their job (under the guise of teamwork).
  • IBM mis-categorizes people that are part of a resource action as “retired” to claim that the numbers reductions are due to attrition.



     A lot can be discerned about a leader that takes financial incentives and bonuses while firing thousands upon thousands of US employees. 

  • IBM has had 18 quarters of losses or declining profits yet last year the CEO received a bonus of 4 million dollars in addition to the already substantial incentives they receive.
  • The “business model” to hide how poorly they are really doing is to keep laying off people, and the last reiterations of this have cut very highly skilled individuals who were high performers. There are now huge knowledge gaps in very key areas.
  • Layoffs were performed weeks prior to a December 15 deadline which pays out the entire 401K match to IBMers. This means IBM did not have to provide the match to these employees, although they worked almost the entire year for IBM.


Some other key facts to consider:

IBM US had 150,000 employees and they now have 79,000.   IBM India has over 105,000 and the number is growing.    Yes, they will tell you that they are hiring 25,000, what they don’t tell you is that they are getting rid of just as many through Layoffs and the latest scam being the elimination of a “work at home program” which is replaced by mandatory office attendance at designated sites, usually states away from the employee’s home.  Don’t worry there will be a cover story on why the company has decided to move everyone to centers in a country and world that “works from home” successfully.

Taxing IBM 35% on products won’t affect them because there are no products to tax.  IBM hides behind “the skills shortage” while vaguely throwing around the buzzwords of Cloud, Data Analytics and AI, while stating that we need to educate and train in the US.  Many companies provide cloud storage, analytics and AI in the US and IBM is not well known for any of this.  Although their “advertising” of everything they are into is top notch, it still leaves everyone wondering what exactly it is that they do.   If this lack of education is truly the answer why wasn’t this the path that the CEO took instead of the US layoffs?  Per their own admission, there are many jobs that don’t require a college degree and the training is available and being piloted.  Logically this should be able to be accomplished with skilled workers.   There were very skilled people that had to train the replacements in India, and the Philippines to take over the US HR processes ( yes our personal information is out of the country).  Additionally, when IBM lays off a (skilled) worker, they force the employee to sign a clause (to get their severance) that many times prevents them from working for IBM again.  This causes even more of a worker shortage of almost 70,000 skilled workers.  Instead they want more H1-B visas for even more India employees.

I will apologize ahead of time for the length of this letter, however this is just the tip of the ice burg.  There are many sites for retired IBMers and Watching IBM that give the real story if anyone is interested in hearing their stories versus the smokescreen sent to the media.  It is my hope that this information would be used in a way to address root cause and bring hope and jobs back to the US Workers


Best Regards,