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Re:  Displacement of United States’ workers and Outsourcing of United States’ jobs

Attention (Senator’s name),

I have experienced personal experience with displacement of United States’ workers or I have been a victim of outsourcing.  (delete this sentence if you did not experience but you want to send a letter)  I am passionate about the current problem with the displacement and outsourcing of United States’ workers and jobs.  It is important to me that you protect the United States’ citizens.

Please do not vote for, support or fail to vote against any bill that increases the number of H1B or L1 visas.  Please move to lower the number of such visas and to force all employers to abide by the recruitment requirements set forth in the immigration laws for certain employers regardless of the education or advanced skill of the foreigner.  This is grave importance to the future of our country and it is very significant to me and my vote.

Senator, please also do all you can do to discourage or tax any American company that outsources its work to foreign countries.  This is done simply to lower the company’s costs by denying jobs to American educated and American trained United States’ citizen workers.  This is repugnant and should be treated as much by the government.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my views on the above referenced topic.