Offshoring hundreds of thousands of American jobs has been happening for years.  The American elite pay very, very little to foreigners in poor countries to do work without the respect or protections that we hold dear in this country.  Those same American elites are forcing our American workers to train foreign workers in the US to do their work before firing them and putting the fear of God in them for speaking out or standing up for themselves.  The people of this nation and the people of all nations are deserved of full respect and dignity.  The victims are the Americans losing their jobs and being forced to dig their graves before they are shot in the head.  The victims are the “cheap labor” from poor foreign countries that the American elite abuse and use to do the work without any protections and pay that is poverty level by any standards.  While the American elite grow in their riches and greed, the people of this nation and abroad suffer.

I hope we let this day in history be a reminder to all of us that there is a moral code that the American elite has ignored for their financial benefit, not unlike that of slave owners in the past.  Who will standup for the American workers and the foreigners abroad all being used and abused for the riches of a few?

We need more than H1B and visa reform!!!  We need the end of offshoring of jobs that can be completed through internet and computers.  The solution to that is to protect America’s private data from being accessible overseas.  We must adopt laws that protect Americans’ private data and we will do so much more than just protect our citizens from cyber attacks, airlines that have “computer glitches”, emails that are hacked, etc.  This will save hundreds of thousands of American jobs and help put an end to these immoral acts of the American elite.

We must return to the values that were so important to Americans in 1865.  We must think of the humans who are hard working, good people being exploited for the benefit of the few elite.  Slaves did not want a hand out.  They wanted freedom to work.  Please let us give Americans the freedom to work again.