This is the greatest nation in the world.  America is the land of the free and the brave.  Protect US Workers fights for American workers.  The purpose is to protect qualified and educated American workers from being fired and replaced by unqualified, cheap, foreign labor for the profit of the billionaire executives.

Today, Protect US Workers wants to address a VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE related to the outsourcing and offshoring of American jobs.  In the wake of the world and national attacks, anger and chaos, Americans are particularly at risk in a special way.  This special threat was consciously created by American billionaire executives and bought politicians.

Currently, India, Russia’s BFF, and other countries, are in possession of ALL OF AMERICANS’ DATA.  Each of Americans’ personal banking data, private health records, every call made from a cell phone, every purchase made, information about personal home and mortgage, passwords,  social security numbers, dates of birth, medical history and much more.  For over a decade this information has been HANDED over to foreign countries by the billionaire executives of thousands of American companies for profit of the executives.  These foreign countries do NOT have to abide by American laws. 

I am not trying to incite fear into the hearts of Americans. I am only making everyone aware of this serious risk and the individuals to blame for this risk.  The same billionaires and politicians who do not care about the American worker also do not care about America’s security or the American people.  If they did, they would have not created this serious threat to our nation.  Wake up America.  Protecting American jobs is only part of this fight.  We are protecting American people, American personal data, and the future of this nation.

Join the movement.  We won’t need police if our data is wiped clean or stolen.  We won’t have racial tension in this nation when the chaos of completely empty banks exists and the loss of the use of technology.  The ISIS can kill but just wait until they steal what was basically handed to them.  Please find out more about this issue.  Do not be in the dark.  Do not take my word for it.  Protect yourself and others.

Fight for our nation!