When IBM Corporation could not be more seedy, greedy and mean, the company starts a new policy of relocation of many of the company’s American workers.  Workers, young and old, single and married, sick and well, are being forced to move across the nation if they want to keep their jobs at IBM.  Many workers cannot just uproot so this is a great method to force the workers to quit.

The company is still shedding its American workforce and hiring more overseas, cheap, exploited labor so plantation owner Ginni Rometty can make more millions.  IBM contracts with a multitude of American companies.  Those companies need to be made aware of the fact that Americans are being mistreated, foreign workers are being exploited and the customers’ private data is being accessed overseas.

For the many of IBM workers seeking legal assistance, I am not able to take on any new cases right now.  If you are an affected IBM worker, please seek employment law counsel.  There are deadlines.  Be ware of the deadlines.

Dear Ginni, you are not a friend of America or Americans.  You are not a friend of humanity.  I wish the world could see you as the IBM workers see you.