Thousands of Americans are losing their jobs all over the nation because billionaire executives fire Americans and give American jobs to foreigners, inside and outside, the United States.  The executives are doing this so that they can increase their profit margin regardless of the cost to the American workers or the American people.  The billionaire executives are either using visa programs to fire the Americans and replace them with cheap foreign labor here in the U.S. or the billionaire executives simply send the jobs overseas to pay extremely cheap wages without the costs required for American workers.

The good news for the US worker victims is that there is a potential for federal assistance when the American worker loses his, or her, job because of such situation.  The continued bad news is America loses because the Americans pay for it.  The reason the jobs are being sent overseas or why the Americans are fired and replaced by cheap foreign labor is to increase the profit of the company to benefit the billionaire executives.  So that they can do that and to help out the US victim, the government provided a program at the cost of Americans.  This is a great program for American victims and every American victim should take full advantage of it.  However, it really shows how far backwards we are leaning to ruin this great nation.  The billionaire executives who are increasing their profit should be required to offer these services and monetary provisions rather than the American people.

The federal (American-paid-for) program is called The Trade Adjustment Assistance Program.  An  American victim must file a petition with the required information within one year of termination.  The petition can be filed when the layoff is announced or after separation from the company.  An American victim can file the petition on his own, through the human resources department of the company or through an attorney.  The workers deserve the benefits of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program which include financial benefits, training and other great opportunities.  Please share this information with your friends who have been terminated in the past year due to replacement by foreign visaholders, elimination of jobs because the jobs are being conducted overseas, or if the company decides to transfer work out of the country.

The American people should be outraged that we are basically subsidizing the greed of billionaire executives.  The government has been paid to create TPP, H1B and other laws that are awful for this nation.  Then, the government provides programs to help the thousands upon thousands of American victims to these horrific government programs all of which is paid for by the American people.  The winners are the rich executives and the paid-off politicians.  American victims and American people are the losers again.

When will we stop allowing the billionaire executives from ruining this nation, stealing our jobs, and buying laws?  When?  I say now.  Now is good.