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    This is how H1B works:-

    Category A: (Indian Students Converts)
    (i) Students who go to legit BIG NAME colleges and get legit education. -> (less than 1%) Get hired on H1B directly by firms whom THEY ARE WORKING FOR.

    (ii) Students who go legit “STATE UNIVERSITIES” and get legit education. Graduate and have about 2 years OPT VISA to work. They join small companies “CONSULTANICIES” (Go on Sulekha.com OR type “FREE IT Training and Placements” on google~1000s of companies like this will pop-up). These so called consultancies provide so-called training. Training is about showing you what the interface looks like and faking experience. After 2-3 months, these companies begin to market you. They show experience from 5-12 years on your resume. So you go and work as a “CONTRACTOR” and hence no background check. You go and work for a company like IBM, Accenture, Microsoft Deloitte or even government Dept. like “Department of Labor”, WHO have sub-contracted the work to indian companies like “Infosys”, “Tech Mahindra”, Cognizant Solutions, Wipro and Satyam Computers, TATA Consultancy. The jobs-contracts last from 2 months-5 years (depends how lucky you get). Once hired-after weeks or months, coworkers/bosses can tell that you faked experience but it is almost impossible to fire due to corporate hierarchy and politics. After Serving on few contracts like these, The fake candidate becomes real candidate with experience. Also to mention, It is interesting to know that phone interviews are taken by some other person, by using call-forwarding feature on applicant’s phone. Skype-Interviews are also faked by someone else speaking while the job-applicant simply pretends to talk.

    (iii) People who go to fake universities to keep their OPT work permits active or even compete for H1b. Universities who lack affiliation with the department of education, like – University of North America and University of Northern Virginia.

    Category B: Experienced professional from India. Like a .net senior developer or architech who makes 120K in U.S., comes from India on H1 & L1 to get paid 60K or 70K.

    The current H1/OPT/L1 program is not attracting the smartest talent but the most crooked talent….suffocating not only fresh college graduates but even experienced technology professionals who have followed the righteous path throughout their life….by working in retail stores and going to college by taking federal loans. We are not bringing Einsteins and Bose in the country….but IT slaves who can work for their slave-masters for minimal wages while killing JOBS FOR FELLOW AMERICANS….and providing no incentives for the youth of this country to become Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. “Former International Student from India” Now a fellow American by following the righteous path!!

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    25+ years as a top performer in Network Engineering/Ops, and now find myself out of work. I have two kids just starting College.

    My former employer (Large Financial Firm) supplemented their bloated quota of TATA, HCL, Infosys, etc., with newly opened subsidiaries in Asia. This Corp tactic drastically accelerates American worker eliminations well beyond the normal H1B quotas.

    With new Certifications, I hit the job trail early on, and posted resumes on all the Boards. I only get inquiries from Indian Recruiters – for short contract, low paying jobs out of state. Even when you do show interest in a position, they never follow-up with you.

    After almost 5 months of this same routine, I’m feeling like it’s time to finally leave tech for good.

    btw : I would’ve gladly agreed to a reduced salary that equaled the foreigner taking my job, but we never hear this option.

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    Recently got a contract job at Gap Corp. I walked in and found a warehouse size are filled with Indian contractors. I found out that most of them were there on “vacation” or “training” visas, not H1B. Thoughtworks and Infosys were cycling programmers in and out as their visas expired. Must have been 200 to 300 people. Needless to say, they didn’t need me for very long.

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