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    Most American corp dont want to directly sponsor H1 because of extra responsibility, however sneaky Indian consulting company like TaTa spnosor tons of H1 and contract those cheap Indian workers to American corp to make it feasible. To stop this loophole, the legislation need to ban those company who do not directly hire/pay from sponsoring H1

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    Indian consulting Cos have the most rotten system of charging money from fresh recruits in India before they are accepted for jobs. This is done by INfosys, TATA, WIPRO, HCL, L&T. This is a substantial amount and after that they are put in a sandbox told to learn one or 2 things. Mind you these are fresh graduates out of Indian Schools and these schools have done nothing notable in terms of solving any problem that the poor folks face in India. These schools are all created for the sole purpose of supplying cheap software operators for big ideas that venture capitalists feel will make the next billion dollar wave.

    Once in this business they then make relations with hiring managers and undertake hiring of contract workers. They dont do this directly. They employ shell organizations who place ads with twisted wordings etc and then get experienced workers whom they offer very reduced rates. Less than half they will bill the client. Obviously these big Indian Co are hand in glove with others. They bill twice the amount the hapless consultant gets. The big Indian Co shares it with the shell which is generally owned by a big wig in the Indian Co. Some people at the client site also get a cut an the show continues.

    The cut in H1-B is going to work out only if Cos go out and hire contract workers on their own. But everyone from Donald Trump to the Companies, to BIG 5 to big Indian Cos want to be relevant. The workers who take a cut should be greatful they have a job. That is the message. Why blame low paid foreign workers when we encourage workers in India to pay to get a job that will give them a shot at the American dream. Imagine India supplying fresh college graduates with few months burning of midnight oil and ready to solve problems for US companies. If US compaies were interested in getting similar training for their employees at dirt cheap price they would do well to look at the millions of sites in India that will give on line trainking similar to the training that Infosys, TCS, Wipro, HCL and L&T offer their fresh graduates. US would do well to collaborate witht these small operators. This will also help India.

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    One of the biggest secrets to visa misuse in the US is the EB2 Investor work visa. The US signed treaties with Eastern European and Irish governments a few years ago that allow them to make a small investment as low as $200,000 in the US and send unlimited number of workers in the US. There is no salary cap for these workers who must be paid only in their home country!
    As an example, a company called First Derivatives sends hundreds of workers to the US to work on contracts with Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Bank of America to name some for salaries as low as $30,000 – jobs that would require these banks to pay $120,000 or more to American workers.
    Why is this being allowed? Why this injustice to law abiding US citizens?

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