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    Pleased in this forum to relate my experience as began 1980 but with prior observation through 1970’s of the shipping industry in Australia, US, UK especially where recruitment of executives became standard fare for Sub-Continent nationals to capture those opportunities in an ever increasing ratio.

    One reason alone, to recruit migrants who would accept lesser working conditions and salaries. That can be tracked for certainty and where ‘nationals’ having been disenfranchised were increasingly unable to capture such job opportunities in the country of birth.

    Whereas my own knowledge and skills base outranked those migrant workers for experience and ability, in fact knew well how impossible it would be to attain employment given the circumstance.

    Through 1980’s and 1990’s made a practice of applying for thousands of transportation, shipping , supply chain, logistics positions and in later period attached myself to mass scale search engines, some of which keep sending me job opportunities to this day and one of which offers 100+ opportunities per day globally.

    In all that time achieved a few interviews including a close call opportunity to Head new division of F500 Corporation based San Francisco only to be shut down because the dot.com bubble burst.

    Occurred on more than one occasion and eventually became a passion, that every single job ever offered to migrants of an executive or skills based orientation should be first posted to a Government website

    That website mandated to authorise approval of work visa for each foreign national, irrespective of the BS story cast around by the corporation or individual seeking to import those foreign workers.

    Sure there will be upper limits to job opportunity but frankly speaking job prescriptions are easily referenced by the market

    In fact in the very societies as peddle these foreign workers, especially India in fact mandate minimum wages and tax collects and otherwise Foreign workers cannot enter

    Indonesia for instance protects its workers and has massively reduced foreign workers within its society by 2/3rds in less than 8years

    H1-B visa’s are baloney and earn HR corporations massive sums of money!

    Communities earn fortunes where H1-B visa families generate business opportunities in settlement and increase needs whilst to US working family is shoved off somewhere to survive ‘because they have no alternative’

    H1-B workers are ‘obedient’ beyond norm because they can be canned in a heartbeat

    Talent often the argument and OK perhaps that may be so in rare circumstance BUT, the vast majority of H1-B are cannon fodder labour engaged to churn obediently

    That aside, no argument can be sustained where citizens rights under the Constitution can be put asunder by H1-B rights coming first

    My point since first occurred in 1980’s is that NO job can be granted an H1-B visa unless posted to Government website and authority issued within 30days except where reasonable objection has been logged via a lawyer posting an injunction preventing the issue of the H1-B visa.

    Corporations are not God’s and cannot rule this platform, only the Government can and frankly speaking the legal process exists that negates any authority issuing H1-B visa’s in the face of an injunction against every single H1-B visa being granted ‘in the first instance’

    There exist millions of Americans who would vigilantly monitor that website and instantly lodge an objection and were that objection to be ignored, then an injunction

    The courts would be clogged with hundreds of thousands of injunctions given he number of H1-B visa issued, many of which are in volume, meaning 100visa against one application shut down by 100 injunctions

    God bless you all

    Protect US Workers, Protect workers everywhere against globalisation

    Check the Indonesia example, it’s already working and 100,000 expats replaced by an estimated 300,000 to 500,000 Indonesians simply because of the salary being issued is by national salary market versus expat market


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