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    IBM is blending the H1B visa with the out sourcing of jobs to not only India but other parts of the world. After 17 years of service, myself along with countless other IBM’ers were given 120 day notice on 9/1. I was told my replacement was in Sofia Bulgaria, and that I would need to train that person in order to maintain my employment during that time. The frosting on the cake of humiliation was that IBM considered me “retired,” because I was 57. They weren’t laying me off, I was apparently “retiring.” Co-workers began sending me notes congratulating me on my retirement. It was laughable and pathetic at the same time.

    IBM no longer pays severance but like so many others, I was offered $5,000.00 if I signed an agreement promising no legal action, and like so many others I have kids in school and a house payment, so I took the blood money, trained my replacement, I walked out the door on January 1st with my head high because I knew over the years my efforts reduced IBM’s warranty cost by millions of dollars. Executive management and the bean counters think they are saving money by releasing experienced people, which shows how little they know about the intricacies of their own business. The people they are releasing are dedicated employees who know how to generate revenue and reduce cost. Have they ever thought that perhaps employees, if given the choice would take a pay reduction to keep their jobs???

    This will come back to haunt American companies, as it did Ford at the turn of the century. Ford was pumping out thousands of Model T’s per day, but not paying their employees enough to even buy one. The result was product sat because the available market was saturated.

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