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    Leaked video of a lobby of anti American worker Indian firm owner, they want to keep H1B and depress wages


    Guys after lot of investigation I believe its a big nexus and these guys (ITServe) maybe involved in more than Bodyshopping perhaps even money laundering / Tax evasion and other activities, maybe even related to Telangana Movement. The India address of all of these firms are in Hyderabad in zip code 500081/82/07. Almost all these companies are registered in Texas (Irving and some in Dallas). The registration address of these companies are all same few addresses in Texas. Many of these companies were registered since early 2000, some more in 2007 and many more in 2013 and later years.
    You can explore the ties between them their shell companies (investors , partners) here (Eg. Techstar Consulting)


    I am planning sending the spreadsheet and email to FBI & Ombudsman website. I would suggest you guys do the same. The spreadsheet has all the companies these guys are investors or partners in, including other partners, addresses, their client. Maybe we should send the emails to the client as well to notify they are engaging in services from Body shopping that are probably involved in other illegal activities and may be under investigation soon, these firms that are displacing American Workers with underpaid H1b and then exploiting H1b Visa system and H1b Employees (And I am worried about american workers being displaced by at the hands of these corrupt body shoppers who also inturn are exploiting H1B). Their clients include Google, Verizon, AT&T etc. I think they have the right to know, if this news gets to their consumer they might lose business on the account of consumer sentiment. I don’t think US consumer signed up for displacement of US workers and exploitation of legal immigrants and H1b. These firms are making complete mockery of US law. It’s so bad they are making US Justice department look like fools and what to say about intelligence community in US (all this corruption / crime right under their nose)


    I could only get through 10/15% of the list

    Please share the link with media , NASSCOM (ITServe does not represent Indian IT Industry, it’s not a representative, they don’t represent Indian IT Industry or the employees), IRS (for Tax evasion, all these companies and their employee accounts should be audited) Share it with senators ( the new bill with limit 50 employees will be ineffective many of these firms are under 50 employees). Infact we should share this list with other American groups that are against H1b as ITServe is pro H1b exploitation, pro displacement of american employees for cheap labor and profit throw them to AILA and other anti H1B organization. Send the emails to their client as by hiring these firms they are displacing American workers. Nobody is benefiting from them not H1b, not India, not Americans.


    S.2266 – H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act of 2015

    Sponsor: Sen. Grassley, Chuck [R-IA]
    Sen. Durbin, Richard [D-IL]* 11/10/2015
    Sen. Nelson, Bill [D-FL]* 11/10/2015
    Sen. Blumenthal, Richard [D-CT]* 11/10/2015
    Sen. Brown, Sherrod [D-OH]* 11/10/2015
    Sen. Sessions, Jeff [R-AL] 11/16/2015

    That floor of 50 employees is too High, there is a whole nexus of Indian IT firms run by people and their family members exploiting the H1B Visa program. These firms will continue to form small 49 people firms and displace American workers. The list and video, list is evidence enough.

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