Americans are losing jobs.  American data is being sent overseas.  Millions of Americans are out of work and replaced by foreigners in, and outside, the US.

So what is being done?  See this Indian PAC who spends money to have an impact on our elections and our representatives. Nasscom is known for impacting the elections and representatives through lobbyists and financial support.  Rich, billionaire executives are buying politicians to create laws that put Americans last and their wallets first.  They shamelessly lie that Americans are not qualified and that America does not have a sufficient number of qualified American workers while thousands are fired constantly.  Partnership for a New America is a group of billionaire executives who lobby to the government, buy politicians, lie to the public, own the media and strongly influence the lawmaking process.  The members say it all.


We do not have the money or the lobbyist to compete with all of these groups that are destroying this nation.  We can fight together to expose the truth.  We can educate others to create change.  We have to stop the lies and the control of the government by the billionaires and foreign beneficiaries.

One person.  One cause.  One damn strong determination.  I want to be hated by everyone involved in the above links because that means there is a threat of change.  I want all Americans all over the nation to know the truth.  Join the movement.  We Americans may be poor.  We Americans may be jobless.  The American laws may be against us.  But those are only challenges to the cause…..  Who does not love a challenge?!  Stop at nothing short of Americans first for American jobs!!!