Sadly there has not been much change to the outsourcing/offshoring problem. But, the fight must go forward. There are several ways we continue to fight:

1. 60 Minutes is re-airing its piece on H1B abuse on Sunday, August 13, 2017. Please encourage people to watch so they can learn about the issue.

2. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have been a great tool to share all articles and news on outsourcing and offshoring.

3. This week a new video series is being released educating the public on the truth of outsourcing and offshoring. Additional videos will also be released exposing companies who sell out American workers giving the jobs to foreigners for the sole purpose of corporate greed.

4. Litigation of cases has been discouraging. The lack of attorneys willing to bring claims has been discouraging. The outcome of the cases has been discouraging. It seems that all branches of government are against the American workers but we will push forward and not give up hope.

5. So so many Americans are coming forward and exposing their companies for outsourcing and offshoring. People across the nation are hurting and reaching out for emotional support. Also, Americans not directly affected by outsourcing or offshoring are reaching out to express concerns for the evident change of demographics in their neighborhoods.

6. We need to come together and foster new ideas to force change and force the media to focus on this issue. Please feel free to email any ideas for education, fundraising, awareness or exposing sold out companies.

Thank you, each of you, for your attention to this important issue. I am proud of all of you.