Many people were encouraged when the presidential campaigns began speaking about outsourcing and offshoring.  During his campaign, Trump spoke about the horrific uses of H1B visas to replace American workers.  Then, once elected, there is nothing but silence on outsourcing and offshoring from the oval office.  The visa application deadline passed with not even a word or a tweet from President Trump.

But, better late than never, President Trump is doing something today.  It may not be enough but it is something.   The Disney situation was brought up during the press conference.  It is important that we keep the issues in the media and in D.C.  This is not the end.  This is just the beginning for us.

We made it to the table.  The success of today is that H1B and this important issue made it to the table.  We will take a seat at that table and we will not be silent.  Stay vigilant and let’s keep educating people until there is no issue left to discuss.

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