The American warriors out there fighting to save American jobs never ask for financial support but emotional support is always welcome.  The following message was sent to Leo Perrero, displaced Disney worker and active advocate for the cause, after Mr. Perrero spoke at the Senate Judiciary Hearing.  It is much too beautiful to keep from all of the other warriors out there all over the country fighting for this cause:


Excellent job at the Senate Hearings Mr. Leo! I am proud of you, the brave testimony you gave and very grateful for the voice you spoke on behalf of all U.S. STEM workers and oppressed guest workers. You were excellent! Thank you!

You can share a fox hole with me any day brother. Fly like an Eagle bro with talons stretched wide! Strike hard, strike strategically, strike fast, maintain ethical composure and gentleman discipline for nobli obli! We Winter Soldiers will never surrender even though we be the last! Amen? Amen!

We, who stand to face this invasion and betrayal have a rendezvous with destiny! We take strength that we stand on the shoulders and with the spirit of the Eagles who defended and carved out this nation before us. Like those Eagles, we will not stop until the war is won. We will defend, we will persist and we will be victorious, failure is not an option. The sleeping giant awakes once again. All enemies, foreign and domestic, shall be exposed, stopped and perish. Oooh ahhh!

If you ever need a sympathetic ear, feel free to reach out. I have been there and I know what range of feelings you are going through as you fight the good fight. My contact information is below.

YOU are a great American and a true Patriot Sir! Again, I thank you Leo very, very much for your courage, your voice and your hands and feet in this just and honorable fight brother! God Speed; may He hold you and your family in the palms of his mighty, protective and loving hands! Rock on like a Rakkasan bro! Onward to victory!