In running for the Florida House of Representatives District 72, my ultimate goal and purpose was to further my efforts in protecting American workers, save American jobs, protecting Americans’ private data which is currently in foreign countries, and securing a future for our children and grandchildren by ending the epidemic of outsourcing and offshoring American jobs.
By running for office in Florida, I planned to propose legislation and fight against the big corporation lobbyists who pay off the politicians to legally permit the termination of American workers by the hundreds, and sometimes the thousands, for the sole reason of corporate greed.  The politicians also permit Americans’ medical records, banking data, social security numbers, dates of birth and other private data to be shipped overseas because the big corporations bought them to do it despite the security risk to Americans and to this country.
My goal in running for office has always been for the benefit of the American people.  However, several things have occurred since I started my campaign.  First, I was informed that Walt Disney World would launch a large smear campaign against me which could taint the public’s image of me in the lawsuits I currently have pending against Walt Disney World.  I have two RICO lawsuits against Disney and the Indian based contracting companies for firing between 200 and 300 American workers to be replaced by foreign workers after the Americans trained the foreigners.  I also have nearly 35 pending discrimination claims with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of such terminated Disney workers.  After speaking to my clients, I am choosing not to jeopardize their case by a probable attack which would attempt to taint the local jury pool.  Please note that I welcome any smear campaign if I am the only one affected but I cannot risk anything at all that could adversely affect the terminated Americans.
Furthermore, certain of the terminated American victims with whom I am assisting have questioned my motives for helping them.  Instead of being in office to help the American victims; the American victims are afraid I am using them to help with a political career.  The terminated American workers are my number one priority and my fight is to Protect US Workers above all.  I want to erase any doubt that saving this nation and helping Americans are my ultimate goals in all that I do.
The issue of firing hundreds and thousands of Americans to be replaced by foreigners in the US or overseas is a vital issue that crosses party lines.  It is American v. anti-American.  Both Democrats and Republicans, and anyone who cares for this country, should wake up to this issue and fight for America.  If politicians do not address this issue, it is because they do not care or they are bought.  I hoped to put myself in a position to make a legislative change when I decided to run for office.
Protecting American workers and trying to stop this serious epidemic is my mission and running for office is hindering, not helping, me in that mission.  As such, I am bowing out of the race.  I will not be running for office at this time .  I would like to sincerely thank all of those who supported me in the race and especially Thadeu Vieira who not only worked hard on my campaign but he has also given me emotional and physical confidence through his jujitsu gym to conquer the world.
For the love of God and country,
Sara Blackwell
Protect US Workers