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LISTEN and call in tonight on American Statesman Blog Talk Radio

Internet Radio Show tomorrow night. Protect US Workers is the special guest. We are educating!!!!! Protect U.S. Workers from H-1B Visa Abuse with Sara Blackwell Tune In Monday - 7:00 PM American Statesman Blog Talk Radio Monday, November 16, 2015, 7:00 PM ET Call-in Number 347-857-4364 Press 1 to Speak on the Air…/protect-us-workers-from-h-1b… Protect

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Calling H1B’s and Employees’ Knowledge Transfer

Right now, in America, thousands of American workers are training foreign, temporary workers to take over their jobs. The American worker will then be fired. This training is called "knowledge transfer". If you are training your replacement who is on a visa or if you are in the United States on an H1B visa and

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Julia Preston does it again!

Large Companies Game H-1B Visa Program, Costing the U.S. Jobs Thank you Protect US Worker warrior for sending me this article.

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Any Qualified Americans Available?

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are being fired across the country and being replaced by temporary foreign workers. Moreover, hundreds of thousands Americans are applying for job openings for which they are qualified but not granted because temporary foreign workers are getting the jobs. The Americans who are obtaining jobs, especially in the technology sector,

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XM Satellite Radio, the Patriot, spoke honestly about displacement.

Love this line up:  Protecting US Workers.  This show educated America on the problem.  We have the solutions!! Senator Sessions is so incredible regarding this cause! I applaud him and I am proud to consider him one of our warriors!

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Satellite XM Radio. Monday, November 2 at 815 am

Protect US Workers will be on Satellite XM radio tomorrow at 815 am.  Listen.  Spread the word.  Tell others to listen so America can learn of the dangerous problem and the easy solution of displacement of US Workers. I am proud of all my warriors and fire starters out there!!!

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Trump gets it wrong ….. then right….

Despite many efforts to educate Trump about the enormous problem of displaced American workers, Trump BOMBED on the recent republican debate.  He disappointed a lot of us fighting for changes to the outsourcing/offshoring problem. Today, he changed his tune (in writing) with Breitbart publication.  I hope that he actually wants to make a change and

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Check out Leo Perrero and Protect US Workers on Fox and Friends on October 30, 2015.  It was shared on Yahoo and many other websites.  We need more soldiers.  Contact us, even if you want to be anonymous.  We provide free consultation, advice and options for helping protect US workers.

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ABC 7 TONIGHT 7 pm Eastern

Protect US Workers is speaking out for our cause.  Tonight on ABC 7 in Sarasota on the 7 pm news, we are educating America.  We are fire starters.  We have to start a huge fire then America will pay attention and realize what is happening. Anyone can watch the show live on tonight at

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National Radio Show–our website was mentioned!!

Check out the show from 1:12 through 1:21.  I disagree with Josh but at least it is being discussed and we are getting publicity!!  

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