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Do American Workers Expect a Handout? Silenced Voices

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Lowe’s Outsourced Tech Jobs

Only 125 were announced but we all know it goes in rounds....the numbers will likely increase. Currently, Lowe's has over 1,000 tech and analytics employees in India. It is time to expose these companies. Share with anyone who does not understand the severity of the problem in America.  

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Letter to Senator Grassley Re USCIS Answers to Senator’s Questions

Senator Grassley wrote a letter in March of 2017 asking USCIS about violations of H1B abuse by Disney, Northeast Utilities and other companies in response to the 60 Minutes piece "You're Fired".  USCIS basically asserted that the agency will notify ICE if there is a violation found.  The real message of USCIS answers is that

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60 Minutes Coverage of H1B Abuse

Please watch the 60 Minutes piece, share and dig deeper.  There is so much more to this awful business model than just H1B.  We need to know and share the whole truth.  We need people to understand the following: 1.  To save money, business owners are bringing in foreigners to fire Americans because it gives

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Thank you to Michelle Malkin for creating such a concise and clear explanation of outsourcing and offshoring.  This is such an incredible piece.  Everyone should watch this and share it with friends and family.

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New Immigration Reform Bills Miss the Point

See also:  

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From the words of a victim of outsourcing/offshoring…..

Please read this message to me from an American who was "rebadged"--that means one day you work for American company and next you work for Indian dominated company. You spend a year or two doing your same job for the American company while training as many foreigners to take your job and your coworkers' jobs.

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Send an email with your resume, where you are located, what type of job you want and your specific job experience or skills. It is time to find you a job.  Also, tell your friends who are victims of outsourcing and offshoring to do the same thing.  Let's get you guys back to work! Sara

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Where are American jobs going?

A reporter asked me for articles on companies that outsource. I went through my Facebook page and copied the companies that announced outsourcing in SEPTEMBER of this year. This does not include the hundreds of companies already doing it. It does not include IBM that is firing thousands of Americans constantly. This is absurd!!! ONE

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American companies selling out like it is Black Friday

McDonald joined the ranks of outsourcing their accounting.  That is not the first accounting outsourcing.  It is actually the next trend.  Several insurance companies, Toys R US and others have already outsourced and offshored their accounting and finance departments.  That work is being done in India....goodbye to American jobs and America's private data. HCSC

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