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New Cover Video

Check out the new video on the front page of the website.  It is directed toward Abbott Lab employees but also applies to any American displaced or being displaced. We need to stop the termination of the 180 American workers from this huge company.

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Video on the Truth–MUST WATCH

This video explains it all. I am so proud of Dan Rather!!!!! Multiply these three people times hundreds of thousands with the same story. This is what we are fighting against.

Solution to Offshoring

There is a simple solution to offshoring which would likely also affect outsourcing.  Are you ready for it??  American data can not be sent out of the United States.  There can be no database system in the US that can be accessed overseas which contains American data.  This protects America's personal data and American jobs. 

Presentation in Fort Lauderdale

Saturday, November 21, 2015, Protect US Workers is educating a large group of Americans regarding the current and ongoing problem with displacement of American workers, outsourcing and offshoring!  If you are near the Fort Lauderdale area at 3 pm Eastern time, then message me for details. Educating until there is change!!!!

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XM Satellite Radio, the Patriot, spoke honestly about displacement.

Love this line up:  Protecting US Workers.  This show educated America on the problem.  We have the solutions!! Senator Sessions is so incredible regarding this cause! I applaud him and I am proud to consider him one of our warriors!

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Who cares if someone can identify a problem unless they can also identify a solution. Problem:  American workers are being discriminated against by the thousands based on their national origin and replaced with foreign, young, H1B workers.  Also, American workers are not being offered job opportunities because of their nationality as American because the job

Goodbye Jay Rasulo!!!

Jay Rasulo, the Chief Financial Officer of Disney at the time of the displacement of hundreds of American workers, is no longer going to be the CFO in the near future.  He will still be an "adviser" to Igers but hopefully this is just a fluff job that will not affect any other Disney workers.

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Ask for workers located in the United States

We have all been there.  We call an American company to pay a bill, ask a question, or register something and the person on the other side of the phone sounds foreign.  Ask where the person is located.  If that person is not located in the United States, ask to be transferred to an employee actually

Class Action Claims against Big Bad Corporations

In the past several years and even today, certain million and billion dollar corporations have terminated hundreds of American citizen workers and replaced them with H1B foreign workers for the purpose of deepening the pockets of the heads of the corporations.  These hundreds of American citizen workers also have hundreds of American citizen families. The

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