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Our Airlines Can Be Shut Down From India But There Is No Debate Over It.

In 2016, Delta outsourced the technology work to IBM.  IBM likely, almost certainly, shifted the work to India or some other poor country for the purpose that IBM executives could make maximum bonuses.  IBM sends the jobs and the control of the airline technology overseas without anyone debating whether Americans agree that the control of the airlines

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President Trump: Build a Virtual Wall to Save American Jobs and American Security

The Virtual Wall is a viable solution to STOP the offshoring business model.  A Virtual Wall would stop American citizens' private data from being sent overseas and would stop the access to US industries, such as airlines, trains, cell phones and banks outside the United States.  For security reasons, we need to keep American data

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Watch This Video. This is What is Happening All Over the Nation for a Long Time

This is happening more and more and it is expanding to more career fields and it is all over the USA.  Millions of Americans have lost their jobs.  All of our private data is overseas.  The entire gimmick is costing our nation millions of dollars.  Who benefits?  Corporate Execs and bought politicians.

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Honoring displaced Americans at New York Life

Sara Blackwell invites all terminated employees of NY LIfe to the Loss of Labor Day Event.

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AMERICAN IT JOB SEEKERS CHECK OUT THIS OPPORTUNITY IT manager.  The company uses SAP.  It is a salary position. Job location:  Arizona. (Interviews can be done remotely) Requirements: High School Diploma or GED required. A Bachelor’s Degree in IT or related field/Or equivalent work experience. A minimum of 3 years in IT or related field, including 2 years in a manufacturing environment

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Save American Information Technology Jobs Facebook Group Brings Me To Tears

I am so honored to be able to fight for American workers.  This unbelievable showing of appreciation makes me want to work harder and win faster.  Thank you so much SAVE AMERICAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY JOBS.  Please check out their Facebook page for up-to-date information on outsourcing and offshoring of American IT jobs.

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One Woman and One Website…..

Announcement: Protect US Workers is an official not-for-profit (501(c)(3)) organization.  The mission is to stop the elimination of American jobs by outsourcing and offshoring.  It plans to do this through every means possible.  Protect US Workers will continue to educate Americans, empower American victims, research and investigate fraud, analyze and file legal claims, provide presentations,

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Want to Hear How it Feels to Train Unqualified Foreign Replacements Before You are Fired….

Please read the testimony of a woman who is currently training several unqualified foreign replacements who will replace her after she is fired from the American company with whom she has worked for decades: THEY SAY THE FIVE STAGES OF GRIEF ARE DENIAL, ANGER, BARGAINING, DEPRESSION AND ACCEPTANCE IN THAT ORDER. THE DAY I FOUND

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Memorial for Terminated American Workers – April 22nd in Chicago

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Emotional Support for the Fighters

The American warriors out there fighting to save American jobs never ask for financial support but emotional support is always welcome.  The following message was sent to Leo Perrero, displaced Disney worker and active advocate for the cause, after Mr. Perrero spoke at the Senate Judiciary Hearing.  It is much too beautiful to keep from

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