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Educational Video on H1B from Senator Durbin

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Truth from the VICTIM

Comment from Mitch as to an article which stated there were not enough qualified American workers: "As one who has been ordered to train Cognizant and TCS employees, I can tell you that it is one giant crock. This is how it works: your managers contract for X number of bodies. So all these companies

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Propaganda and Lies

The woman who wrote this ridiculous piece is financially tied to COGNIZANT.  We all know COGNIZANT = the indian based company that contracts with American companies to fire Americans and replace them with H1B unqualified workers. Also, the organization mentioned in the article is funded by only those who benefit from the termination of American

More than 800,000 Slaves Permitted in America

I do not use the word "slavery" lightly. It is a strong and powerful word which should only be used when a person is treated with no respect, forced to work under horrific conditions and mistreated. We, as a nation, decided years ago that slavery was unacceptable. The individuals who wanted slavery and fought for

Indian would kill the replacement and kill himself…..

He is a little hard to understand but his message is clear: If an Indian in India was asked to train his replacement, the Indian would kill the replacement and kill himself. The Indian people and Indian country would not put up with what is happening in America. BUT WE AMERICANS ARE IGNORING THE SERIOUS

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Non-Compete Agreements

Dear Displaced Workers, If you signed a severance agreement with a "non-complete" clause, contact us for a free review and free consultation regarding your rights and restrictions. Companies like Cognizant sometimes prohibit terminated employees from working for any company associated with Cognizant for two years. This should be evaluated and the validity of it depends

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Does anyone see a trend yet?? Goodbye America…..

Biz Journals Article

News is Traveling and Information is flowing in…..

Education of the outsourcing and offshoring has been enormous the past week and a half.  It is all over the world.  So many Americans have learned this week what tech workers have known for years.  With the new out, there is news in.  So many people have contacted me to offer encouragement, to ask  legal

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Breitbart published another article to educate America

Thank you BREITBART!

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Our Cause Made Drudge Report AGAIN….Educating America!!!

Check the Drudge report today. Educating America is the key to winning this fight.

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