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Help for the American worker victims at the expense of America….again!

Thousands of Americans are losing their jobs all over the nation because billionaire executives fire Americans and give American jobs to foreigners, inside and outside, the United States.  The executives are doing this so that they can increase their profit margin regardless of the cost to the American workers or the American people.  The billionaire executives are

Outsourcing and Offshoring Explained Simply. PLEASE SHARE

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H1B is Indentured Servitude as Explained by Ann Coulter

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See a Glimpse into the Future of America

Facebook and Twitter

Protect US Workers receives many articles from Americans who love this nation.  Protect US Workers also has articles that are particularly pertinent to the issue of protecting our jobs and our country.  These articles are religiously posted on Protect US Workers Facebook page and on the Twitter page.  Please follow Protect US Workers on Facebook

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Want to Hear How it Feels to Train Unqualified Foreign Replacements Before You are Fired….

Please read the testimony of a woman who is currently training several unqualified foreign replacements who will replace her after she is fired from the American company with whom she has worked for decades: THEY SAY THE FIVE STAGES OF GRIEF ARE DENIAL, ANGER, BARGAINING, DEPRESSION AND ACCEPTANCE IN THAT ORDER. THE DAY I FOUND

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Updates and Articles

We have had some incredible articles come out exposing the outsourcing and offshoring of American jobs.  I keep up with articles on Protect US Workers on Facebook much more than I do on the blog but I will share a few here: I am currently working on some very large events that

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Wait For It……

Protect US Workers is officially a Not-For-Profit organization.  Protect US Workers started out as a website, a lawyer and a passion less than a year ago.  What a year that has been!!!  Protect US Workers has had the honor of working with thousands of displaced Americans, speak at several events and rallies, organize protests, organize

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Moving Forward…..

Protect US Workers is moving forward in efforts to bring awareness to American people, empower the American victims and ultimately force change.  We The People are going to make change.  We are going to be a force that cannot be ignored.  We are going to start little fires of knowledge and anger that spreads into

Computerworld (Patrick Thibodeau) published TWO articles on outsourcing. PLEASE READ

EmblemHealth and New York Life employees standing up to the outsourcing BULLIES.    

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