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Video on the Truth–MUST WATCH

This video explains it all. I am so proud of Dan Rather!!!!! Multiply these three people times hundreds of thousands with the same story. This is what we are fighting against.

Yeah…I called Mark Rubio a liar….because he is.

Anyone who says there is a lack of qualified Americans in the IT field is a liar.  End of discussion!

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Attend Trump Rally in Sarasota

If you are a Trump supporter, join him in Sarasota, Florida this Saturday, November 28, 2015.  You MUST register at the site below before the event or you will not be permitted to attend.  Also, you must arrive by 9 am for security reasons.  The actual event begins at noon but you will not be

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Solution to Offshoring

There is a simple solution to offshoring which would likely also affect outsourcing.  Are you ready for it??  American data can not be sent out of the United States.  There can be no database system in the US that can be accessed overseas which contains American data.  This protects America's personal data and American jobs. 


Who cares if someone can identify a problem unless they can also identify a solution. Problem:  American workers are being discriminated against by the thousands based on their national origin and replaced with foreign, young, H1B workers.  Also, American workers are not being offered job opportunities because of their nationality as American because the job

Attention on Rubio at Boycott

This past weekend there was an organized boycott of Walt Disney World parks (in Florida and California).  The media reported about the boycott but the focus was on Rubio and his offensive push for more H1B visas.  See article below:

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Rubio: grossly misinformed or political puppet?

Rubio is asking to increase the number of H1B visas that enter the US each year.  There are already 800,000 in the US now.  Rubio thinks there are not enough qualified Americans to fill the tech jobs.  How absolutely offensive Rubio!!!!  You are the person who is not qualified to do your job.  Hundreds to

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Why Indians?

86% of H1B visas go to Indians.  Why is this?  Do Indians want to come to the US more than anyone else in the whole world?  Are Indians that much smarter than the whole world?  There is a reason.  I am going to find out.  There may be a legitimate reason.  I am going to

Personal Data in India

Did you know that much of our personal data is in India?   In fact, your mortgages, medical records, social security numbers, bank account information including pins and account numbers, and all other personal information is currently in India.   Did you know that India tried to create a regulation which required American companies to notify its

No Residency for You

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