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President Obama’s Dismissive Response to Terminated American Worker

An Abbott Lab employee who trained his replacement and is being fired APRIL 22ND wrote an emotional and informative letter to President Obama regarding the outsourcing and offshoring of American jobs.  He expressed his concern for the loss of jobs in America and the security of American data.  Please see President Obama's response on White

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Propaganda and Lies

The woman who wrote this ridiculous piece is financially tied to COGNIZANT.  We all know COGNIZANT = the indian based company that contracts with American companies to fire Americans and replace them with H1B unqualified workers. Also, the organization mentioned in the article is funded by only those who benefit from the termination of American

No Enforcement For Violation of Immigration Laws

I spoke with Special Agent of Department of Homeland Security about enforcement and specific information of violations of immigration laws.  I have ample proof of various different types of violations of immigration laws.  I spoke to the Special Agent at the Department of Justice about violation of Title VII and Title VIII.  Both offices cannot

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Capitalism Has Turned Our Government Protections Into Pink Slips

We have laws in the United States enacted to specifically protect the American workers and the American people. American employees have certain human rights that We The People require and expect. American companies are required to pay taxes, pay minimum wages, overtime pay, worker's compensation insurance and to provide the workers with other rights regarding

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More than 800,000 Slaves Permitted in America

I do not use the word "slavery" lightly. It is a strong and powerful word which should only be used when a person is treated with no respect, forced to work under horrific conditions and mistreated. We, as a nation, decided years ago that slavery was unacceptable. The individuals who wanted slavery and fought for

Does anyone see a trend yet?? Goodbye America…..

Biz Journals Article

Clinton is supporting and being supported by two biggest companies that are stealing American jobs

I am not endorsing anyone. Please pay attention to the candidate's opinions on the value of American workers.  Protect American workers and American jobs! Click here.  

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Meeting with Congress to Encourage More Work with India

Were there any displaced Americans in attendance of this meeting?  Was anyone there who represented the American people who have lost, or are losing, their jobs because of this "great relationship"?  Did they have anyone there who stood up for the American people whose personal, banking and medical data has been sent to India without

Wanting to Protect American Jobs is NOT Anti-Foreign

There is a common and accepted practice of visa abuse and violation of immigration and employment laws to displace hard working American workers.  The American workers train, then are replaced by, foreigners on visas.  The foreign visa holder is not to blame.  Americans are to blame.  American politicians are to blame.  American corporations are to blame. 

Amir Desai, Tilak Mandadi, Kathy Kountz-Tatum

IF you worked for ANY company at ANY time in which Amir Desai, Tilak Mandadi or Kathy Kountz-Tatum worked and ANY Americans were fired and foreigners were hired, please send a message through Protect US Workers or email The message is confidential and your identity and information will not be disclosed. Even if the

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