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Info for the Memorial in Chicago

We are gearing up for our big event in Chicago.  Everyone and anyone is invited.  Please invite everyone you can.  This event is going to bring awareness to the American people, show the companies that we are not going to permit our jobs to be stolen, and to honor the American victims. Information for those

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Memorial for Terminated American Workers – April 22nd in Chicago

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Authors of Sold Out Are Attending the Illinois Memorial

Please attend the Memorial for American Workers in Chicago, Illinois on April 22, 2016 at 530.  The authors of Sold Out, Michelle Malkin and John Mianno, are attending the Memorial.  Politicians and other high profile supporters are attending.  But I am more excited about YOU attending.  Each one of you, WE THE PEOPLE, the American

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Memorial for the American Worker

Dear America, Hundreds of thousands of American workers have lost their jobs because of outsourcing and offshoring our jobs so that the company owners can get richer!!  It is time for Americans to stand up for the victim and their families.  It is time for us to do something about it.  We cannot wait for

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