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Warriors are Joining the Fight

We started with an army of four.  We are a small group who wants to educate America and put an end to displacement and outsourcing of American jobs.  In the past month, we have gathered many more warriors.  Some are discouraged, some fear the future of their career, and all of them are outraged that the

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  Great news.  I have American citizen workers who are willing to stand up for the American workers.  These three brave American workers who were fired so that foreign workers could take their jobs are going to come forward and tell their stories without hiding their name or face.  They are heroes.  It only takes

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A fellow activist group

An activist group wants to send a message to large companies.  They plan to boycott Disneyland and Disneyworld on October 17, 2015.  They are inviting people to boycott and protest on this date.  See their website: I support any person or group who is trying to help save American jobs and to educate the

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Come Forward!

Even if it has been multiple years or you signed a severance to not disclose anything, please email and let me know you exist.  You do not have to use your  name.  You do not have to disclose the name of your company.  Just tell me what happened.  We need these stories for American people

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I have been contacted by numerous displaced US workers.  They seem to share the same story.  They educated themselves, worked hard for a career at a great company, and worked for this "great company" for years, sometimes decades.  Then, the "great company" wanted deeper pockets so they displaced the hard working, dedicated US worker with

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Ask for workers located in the United States

We have all been there.  We call an American company to pay a bill, ask a question, or register something and the person on the other side of the phone sounds foreign.  Ask where the person is located.  If that person is not located in the United States, ask to be transferred to an employee actually

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