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Letter to America

Dear America, Employees and Customers of: New York Life, Southern California Edison, AT&T, Disney, Toys R Us, Northeastern Utilities, AT&T, Bank of America, Entergy, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, and many other companies that are hiring foreign IT workers, firing American workers (after the American is required to train the foreigner their job) and shipping our work and our data overseas: It

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We are reaching thousands of people in multiple countries

We started this organization merely months ago.  We have had over 12,000 visitors in 10 countries visit the site.  Of course, 88% of the visitors live in America.  We are educating.  We need to keep growing so we can keep educating until we make change.  I am so excited and proud of all of you

Rip Out My Heart

This organization is so amazing.  It helps displaced Americans.  It educates America about the serious problem of displacement of American workers by foreign workers for the purpose of corporate greed.  It provides free legal services.  It also takes several calls a day from workers who are about to be fired, are in a work environment

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The report is incorrect about the deadline but still we are educating!

Solution to Offshoring

There is a simple solution to offshoring which would likely also affect outsourcing.  Are you ready for it??  American data can not be sent out of the United States.  There can be no database system in the US that can be accessed overseas which contains American data.  This protects America's personal data and American jobs. 

Message from a Protecting US Worker Warrior

Do not forget to contact the Department of Labor as another resource when you are displaced by a foreign worker. The Department of Labor can investigate the contracting company's compliance, or lack thereof, with the immigration rules and laws. Contact Protect US Workers for more information. Email or call for a free consultation on issues

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More news…… Fire is growing…

See the written report on our interview:

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Who cares if someone can identify a problem unless they can also identify a solution. Problem:  American workers are being discriminated against by the thousands based on their national origin and replaced with foreign, young, H1B workers.  Also, American workers are not being offered job opportunities because of their nationality as American because the job

Tell One Friend

The tech world knows of this issue.  Most others in the country have no idea.  Tell one non-tech friend.  Tell them to join us and learn. Tell them to ask questions.  Tell them to just learn about the problem.  We have the solution.  The solution is simple.  But, the solution will not occur without Americans

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Protect US Worker’s on Facebook

We launched Protect US Workers on Facebook.  Like the page.  Let's make it happen!  We need more warriors.  We will educate America!  We will help displaced workers.  NO ONE CAN STOP US!!

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