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Fighting the War one battle at a time

Monday, two suits were filed against Disney, HCL and Cognizant.  The amount of news coverage in America and around the world was insurmountable.  These cases have already been successful at educating Americans as to the real issues, the real problems  America is facing.  Without the backing of Americans, we will never win this war.  The

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Meeting with Congress to Encourage More Work with India

Were there any displaced Americans in attendance of this meeting?  Was anyone there who represented the American people who have lost, or are losing, their jobs because of this "great relationship"?  Did they have anyone there who stood up for the American people whose personal, banking and medical data has been sent to India without

Our Cause Made Drudge Report AGAIN….Educating America!!!

Check the Drudge report today. Educating America is the key to winning this fight.


Am I the only person who stays up until crazy hours of the night researching about the companies that displace Americans and the companies that apply for hundreds and thousands of H1B visas?  Is it strange to research the differences in the privacy laws in India, China and America to determine if our data is

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Together–We Will Create Change in 2016

We are standing at the beginning of a new year.  We have 365 days to make change to the future of American workers and America.  I plan to fight 365 days of this year toward educating America about the serious problems of the present and future of American jobs and American security which is being permitted

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Dear Displaced American Workers and Supporters, I need a hand up, not a hand out. I speak to many Americans who lost, or are about to lose, their jobs because of foreign workers or offshoring of jobs.  Some of the companies that are displacing Americans are big, home grown, American companies.  Some of the companies

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BE BRAVE…..Make change

If you work for a company that is displacing Americans to replace them with foreigners who are in, or outside, the United States, DO SOMETHING.  You can contact us--it is free, confidential, anonymous and no information is released without your prior approval.  AT&T.....we are nearly certain AT&T is firing Americans and replacing them with foreigners but no

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Video on the Truth–MUST WATCH

This video explains it all. I am so proud of Dan Rather!!!!! Multiply these three people times hundreds of thousands with the same story. This is what we are fighting against.

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