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Tell Your Story

There is a tab at the top of Protect US Workers webpage that provides American victims to post their stories.  There are so many heart breaking stories.  Please add your story if you have been affected.  Please add encouragement comments to those who are affected.  Please add information you may have and want to share. Read

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Save American Information Technology Jobs Facebook Group Brings Me To Tears

I am so honored to be able to fight for American workers.  This unbelievable showing of appreciation makes me want to work harder and win faster.  Thank you so much SAVE AMERICAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY JOBS.  Please check out their Facebook page for up-to-date information on outsourcing and offshoring of American IT jobs.

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Proud Warrior Chief–uhwah

So many American victims have started coming forward and standing up to the companies that threw them in the trash because foreign labor overseas and in the United States is cheaper.  Americans who have been faithful to an American company for many years are being forced to train a foreigner, in or outside, the United

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American Victims are Becoming Empowered, Brave and Ready to Fight Back!

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One Woman and One Website…..

Announcement: Protect US Workers is an official not-for-profit (501(c)(3)) organization.  The mission is to stop the elimination of American jobs by outsourcing and offshoring.  It plans to do this through every means possible.  Protect US Workers will continue to educate Americans, empower American victims, research and investigate fraud, analyze and file legal claims, provide presentations,

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A Fired American is a Fire Ant

People are fired everyday.  It is part of life.  There will be some jobs that are not a great fit.  Sometimes there is a financial stress of the company and the labor costs have to be lowered.  At times, people are fired because there is someone better at the job.  Even though being fired hurts,

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Moving Forward…..

Protect US Workers is moving forward in efforts to bring awareness to American people, empower the American victims and ultimately force change.  We The People are going to make change.  We are going to be a force that cannot be ignored.  We are going to start little fires of knowledge and anger that spreads into

Great Article on American Victims Speaking Out Americans are speaking out.  We are making great gains!

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IT Jobs Available in Ga, Va and D.C. at GEICO

If you are a displaced American and you want an IT job at GEICO in the Macon, Ga; Fredericksburg, Virginia; and Washington D.C. areas please contact me.  Check out and/or contact me. AMERICANS FIRST.  

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It is time for all displaced Americans to come out. All hundreds of thousands of you….

Displaced American:  Americans are listening.  IT is time to speak out.  NOW.  

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