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Silenced Voices Video on Recommendations for H1B Reform.

Please see video on Recommendations for H1B Reform

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Fighting for the Cause UPDATE

Sadly there has not been much change to the outsourcing/offshoring problem. But, the fight must go forward. There are several ways we continue to fight: 1. 60 Minutes is re-airing its piece on H1B abuse on Sunday, August 13, 2017. Please encourage people to watch so they can learn about the issue. 2. Twitter, Facebook

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President Trump: Build a Virtual Wall to Save American Jobs and American Security

The Virtual Wall is a viable solution to STOP the offshoring business model.  A Virtual Wall would stop American citizens' private data from being sent overseas and would stop the access to US industries, such as airlines, trains, cell phones and banks outside the United States.  For security reasons, we need to keep American data

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Executive Order–H1B Made it to the Table

Many people were encouraged when the presidential campaigns began speaking about outsourcing and offshoring.  During his campaign, Trump spoke about the horrific uses of H1B visas to replace American workers.  Then, once elected, there is nothing but silence on outsourcing and offshoring from the oval office.  The visa application deadline passed with not even a word

January 31, 1865 Slavery was abolished as immoral…..where have our morals gone?????

Offshoring hundreds of thousands of American jobs has been happening for years.  The American elite pay very, very little to foreigners in poor countries to do work without the respect or protections that we hold dear in this country.  Those same American elites are forcing our American workers to train foreign workers in the US

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The Face of Today’s American Slave Owners

What was so wrong with slavery?  I lived in Louisiana most of my life.  I have stayed the night in a plantation owned by a slave owner.  Were they really so bad?  They were capitalist right?  Isn't slavery an unregulated capitalistic idea?  Is slavery wrong if the slave was comfortable and did not necessarily want

Fresh New Look

We are always evolving at Protect US Workers.  We hope you like the new fresh look of the website.  We will soon add a tab explaining how to file complaints so each American victim can file his/her own complaints.  We will also have a tab for outplacement services that will take you directly to the

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America Deserves the Fight!

America deserves our fight. If you do not know what is happening all around you, please take the time to find out. American corporations are shipping out of the US thousands of American jobs and bringing in cheaper foreign labor into the US to take American jobs. The federal and state governments are among the

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Tell Your Story

There is a tab at the top of Protect US Workers webpage that provides American victims to post their stories.  There are so many heart breaking stories.  Please add your story if you have been affected.  Please add encouragement comments to those who are affected.  Please add information you may have and want to share. Read

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Save American Information Technology Jobs Facebook Group Brings Me To Tears

I am so honored to be able to fight for American workers.  This unbelievable showing of appreciation makes me want to work harder and win faster.  Thank you so much SAVE AMERICAN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY JOBS.  Please check out their Facebook page for up-to-date information on outsourcing and offshoring of American IT jobs.

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