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The Face of Today’s American Slave Owners

What was so wrong with slavery?  I lived in Louisiana most of my life.  I have stayed the night in a plantation owned by a slave owner.  Were they really so bad?  They were capitalist right?  Isn't slavery an unregulated capitalistic idea?  Is slavery wrong if the slave was comfortable and did not necessarily want

EmblemHealth Just Can’t Stop Firing Americans.

EmblemHealth has been terminating its American workers by the hundreds for months.  But, it is not stopping anytime soon.  EH is now sending claims analysis work overseas.  What does that mean to America? 1. Several hundreds of Americans lose their jobs and the jobs are completely eliminated from the US for purposes of cheap foreign

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Sorry EmblemHealth

It is an awful day for hundreds and hundreds of EmblemHealth employees in New York.  They were notified that the contract with Cognizant was signed.  We did not stop it.  They are being fired in 90 days.  Before they are fired they will have to train their foreign replacements.  In fact, some are already training

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Protest at EmblemHealth April 20th at noon

EmblemHealth signed a contract with Cognizant, an Indian based ANTI-AMERICAN company.  As a result, many hundreds of dedicated EmblemHealth American workers will be fired.  They will be forced to train unqualified, foreign replacements who will be in their office or outside the United States. After training the unqualified foreigners, the Americans will be fired. EmblemHealth is

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Message from Spouse of EmblemHealth Employee

MESSAGE FROM SPOUSE OF EMPLOYEE OF EMBLEMHEALTH TECH WORKER WHO WILL LOSE THEIR JOB IF EMBLEMHEALTH SIGNS CONTRACT WITH COGNIZANT: Please stop the outsourcing our jobs and work to foreign countries. THAT takes jobs from our soil. Our tax paying citizens worked hard to help make companies like EmblemHealth successful and in return the company

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Together We can STOP EmblemHealth of NY from firing Americans PLEASE READ

EmblemHealth Insurance Company in New York is about to sign a contract with Cognizant (a large Indian based company known for bringing in foreign visa holders to replace American workers and for shipping private data and jobs overseas).  This contract will cause hundreds of EmblemHealth workers, particularly in the technology department, to lose their jobs. 

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