URGENT: Carnival Corporation which owns Carnival Cruise, Princess Cruise and Holland America Cruise just announced the offshoring of 200-300 workers. 200-300 American workers will be fired after training their foreign replacements. The Americans will be fired from Carnival and the job duties will be conducted in India. Merry Christmas to the families of Carnival!!!!!!

What can we do? How can we save their jobs? The business model won’t work if the 200-300 workers do not train. But the 200-300 workers need the jobs for the next few months and the insurance.
1. We can forbid them to work by blocking their ability to get to work. This will make it involuntary for them to do what they do not want to do anyway.
2. We can collect the money and pay their current salary through February so they don’t have to sacrifice their families and save their jobs and show these awful corporations that we will stop this business model.
3. We can rally the media, social media and politicians to forbid this behavior.

My kids and I are willing to give up our Christmas gifts to save the American workers. The spouses and children have contacted me pleading for help. American families are being destroyed right before Christmas.

Did I mention Princess Cruise just got hit for illegally dumping oil in our oceans? Now they are dumping our American workers and their families. Wait, their profits are up so the executives are still doing great.

We need to care more than just sharing on social media. We need to act. Miami, California, Seattle—want to block the entrance to the facilities so the workers cannot train their replacements? I am willing. Are you?

The employees and their families are begging for help.  They are praying for intervention.  Let us be that intervention!!!!!!