September 15, 2016 was the first conference with the frontline American warriors to save America.  It was quite successful.  We filled two different conference call capacities.  During the conference my twitter account was hacked and my computer crashed for the first time ever, but this Battle will not be stopped!

The first battle includes two fights: one by American people and one by American victims.

The Injustice:  Millions of American jobs are being sent overseas or given to foreign workers after the Americans train them.  All of America’s private data is accessible overseas.  All of our private medical records, social security numbers, dates of birth, banking records, cell phone records and other private information is accessible in India, Mexico, Costa Rica and other countries.  These countries are not bound by the U.S. privacy laws.  The laws of the United States allow for the U.S. companies to bring in foreigners to take American jobs and for the Americans to train them.  The laws of the United States allow for the U.S. companies to eliminate American jobs and send them overseas to save on labor costs.  The laws of the United States allow for the U.S. companies to send America’s private data overseas to countries that are not bound by U.S. laws.  In fact, and even worse, the United States and the states contract with companies to offshore American jobs and America’s private data.

Manufacturing jobs were shipped overseas.  Customer service jobs were shipped overseas.  Technology jobs have been and are being shipped overseas.  Claims handlers for insurance companies are now being shipped overseas.  Accounting is now being shipped overseas.  Human resources is being shipped overseas.  Lawyer jobs are being shipped overseas.  The list goes on and grows each year.  If you think you are safe, or that your children are safe from outsourcing/offshoring then you are a fool.  None of us are safe.  This affects us and so many generations to come.

The Enemy:  There are corporate executives and large shareholders of U.S. companies that benefit big from outsourcing/offshoring American jobs and American data.  The company does not usually benefit because the money is funneled to the executives through bonuses and exurbanite salaries.  The savings in the cost of labor causes a rise in the value of the stock which benefits the large shareholders.  The customers do not benefit.  The company as a whole does not usually benefit.  The American workers lose big time.  The tax payers lose big time.  The local vendors lose big because of the loss of the jobs of hard working American people.  America loses because of the exposure of private data shipped overseas and the loss of jobs of Americans that now are out of work.

The corporate executives and shareholders who benefit from this business model pour millions of dollars into lobbying congress and into the states to keep or change the laws to assist the “business model”.  It is hard to protect the American people or America’s data because the American laws permit everything that is happening in America today.  For decades, the politicians have manipulated the laws to allow for this “business model”.  The government does not protect America, America’s private data or American workers.  Some of the politicians are bought, some are completely ignorant to the issues and some just do not know how to do anything about it.  IT IS TIME FOR AMERICANS TO SHOW THE ENEMY AND THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT THAT THERE IS A PROBLEM AND WE KNOW HOW TO FIX IT.

Please note that not all corporate executives, companies or politicians are bad.  In fact, any corporate executive, company or politician who cares about America can join the fight or at least let us know they do not support the outsourcing/offshoring so we can know to which companies Americans can safely turn.

Battle One; the strike:  In October, Protect US Workers is going to try to organize a strike in a large insurance company that is about to start the offshoring process of the technology department.  IF all of the technology workers strike, then the insurance company will be forced to listen to their employees.  The employees will be protected by the National Labor Relations Act so they cannot be retaliated against for participating in the strike.  This is a battle that is going to be fought by the AMERICAN VICTIMS.  This is not a fight for the American people.

Battle One; the boycott:  In October, Protect US Workers is going to organize a boycott of JP Morgan, Chase bank.  JP Morgan, Chase bank offshored many American jobs and their customers’ data is accessible overseas including, but not limited to, India.  Please understand that Bank of America, Citibank, Suntrust and other banks do the same and they should not get a pass but we are only focusing on Chase/JP Morgan in the month of October.  Every American will be urged to pull their money out of Chase/JP Morgan bank and move it to another bank, any other bank.  The money can be returned when the jobs are brought back to America and America’s private data is not accessible overseas.  This is an affirmative action that Americans will have to take.  Each American who uses Chase or JP Morgan will have to go to the bank and go through the hastle of changing all of their banking and bill paying and direct deposit.  This is an actual fight and Americans will have to get their hands dirty.  But, believe me, this inconvenience is worth the fight.

There will be a group of American warriors across the country with boots on the ground spreading the word about the boycott.  The date that the boycott will start and the strategy will be dispersed through this website and through the American warriors who volunteer to by the front line American warriors with their boots on the ground for America.  If you missed the conference call but you want to be a frontline fighter and strategy adviser, please send a message to and you will be included in the closed planning group.

More details of the battle to boycott JP Morgan/Chase bank will be provided soon.  But please, starting today, educate yourself and each other as to the serious problem to America that outsourcing and offshoring has been and currently is.  Please know that it is affecting all of us directly and indirectly.  A revolution will not take place without every American doing something that may be an inconvenience.  This is a non-violent battle but it requires action!  If America is not willing to act, then the “business model” will continue and get worse (as it is increasing dramatically every year).  America will not have to worry about the inconvenience of moving money because America will be a very different country without jobs or security.

Purpose:  The purpose of this War for America is to save American jobs.  It is to keep America safe.  It is to protect American private data.  IT is to create change for the working class of America.  Corporate executives and major shareholders should not be paid billions of dollars as a result of terminating thousands of Americans jobs to save on labor costs.  That cannot continue or America will have no working class.  We are trying to force the main stream media, the government, the corporations and all Americans to understand the serious, serious problem and to understand the solution is doable.

How to Join the Fight:  We call for ALL Americans to join the fight.  Please educate everyone through social media and through speaking to each other about what is happening in this nation.  Email to be a part of the planning and to be boots on the ground in your area.  We need American Warriors in every area of the nation.  Be brave.  Be active.  Continue to write letters to congress and to media but it is time to do more.  Join this fight.  I guarantee that WE THE PEOPLE can save America and save the American dream for Americans.


Battle One