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Sara Blackwell teaches Employment Law at University of South Florida in Tampa and she is a published author. Sara Blackwell has worked for large defense firms and for the United States of America for most of her legal career.

Outsourcing/Offshoring is Redistribution of Wealth from American Worker to the CEO Billionaires

The ideal of outsourcing is brilliant.  A company that makes widgets can hire a marketing firm instead of two marketing employees, accounting firm instead of two accountants, etc.  This is simply a redistribution of workers from the widget company to the specialist company.  Take two workers from one work place and put them in another. 

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January 31, 1865 Slavery was abolished as immoral…..where have our morals gone?????

Offshoring hundreds of thousands of American jobs has been happening for years.  The American elite pay very, very little to foreigners in poor countries to do work without the respect or protections that we hold dear in this country.  Those same American elites are forcing our American workers to train foreign workers in the US

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Why Less Pay and Less Employment Protections for the American Worker May Be Necessary.

A reporter from Switzerland interviewed me this past weekend.  During the interview, he asked me what I did to help support the raise of minimum wage.  He was shocked at my reply.  I told him that, based on the laws as they are now, I would support the elimination of all employment protections for the

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New Immigration Reform Bills Miss the Point

See also:  

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Why The American Government Permits The Round Up of Thousands of US Workers Forcing Them to Dig Their Graves Before They are Shot Out of Work

Caption of Image:  Nooses made in America by Americans for American workers!   For over a decade the US Government has created laws and protected corporations that champion a practice of nothing shy of treason.  Hundreds of thousands of American workers have been rounded up together, forced to train foreigners to do their jobs and

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Letter to President Elect Trump and Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM, from a Former IBMer

Please read the words of an American victim who is not happy about President Elect Trump's choice to consult with IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty.  This is a great read from someone who has experienced the true problem of outsourcing/offshoring: I am writing this in the hopes that my voice, and the voice of many IBMers

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Spouse and Children Rally for Carnival’s 300 Fired Workers

Planning family rallies for the 300 American workers fired by Carnival.  The rallies would be in Florida, California and Washington.  Please email if you can help and/or attend.  We must start supporting our fellow Americans and their families.    

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Carnival Cruise, Princess Cruise and Holland America Cruise destroying 200-300 American families for cheap foreign labor

URGENT: Carnival Corporation which owns Carnival Cruise, Princess Cruise and Holland America Cruise just announced the offshoring of 200-300 workers. 200-300 American workers will be fired after training their foreign replacements. The Americans will be fired from Carnival and the job duties will be conducted in India. Merry Christmas to the families of Carnival!!!!!! What

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The Face of Today’s American Slave Owners

What was so wrong with slavery?  I lived in Louisiana most of my life.  I have stayed the night in a plantation owned by a slave owner.  Were they really so bad?  They were capitalist right?  Isn't slavery an unregulated capitalistic idea?  Is slavery wrong if the slave was comfortable and did not necessarily want

From the words of a victim of outsourcing/offshoring…..

Please read this message to me from an American who was "rebadged"--that means one day you work for American company and next you work for Indian dominated company. You spend a year or two doing your same job for the American company while training as many foreigners to take your job and your coworkers' jobs.

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