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Sara Blackwell teaches Employment Law at University of South Florida in Tampa and she is a published author. Sara Blackwell has worked for large defense firms and for the United States of America for most of her legal career.
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American companies selling out like it is Black Friday

McDonald joined the ranks of outsourcing their accounting.  That is not the first accounting outsourcing.  It is actually the next trend.  Several insurance companies, Toys R US and others have already outsourced and offshored their accounting and finance departments.  That work is being done in India....goodbye to American jobs and America's private data. HCSC

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Battle One of the American War: One Strike and One Boycott

September 15, 2016 was the first conference with the frontline American warriors to save America.  It was quite successful.  We filled two different conference call capacities.  During the conference my twitter account was hacked and my computer crashed for the first time ever, but this Battle will not be stopped! The first battle includes two

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IT IS TIME. The Battle is Now

BOOTS ON THE GROUND: Calling all Americans.  It is time.  The battle has begun.  The first attack will take place soon. (nonviolent of course)  If you want to be a part of the planning and be a real warrior, we are having a conference call on Thursday, September 15th at 8 pm EASTERN TIME.  Call in number

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Message Senator Sessions for CHANGE

Congressional Session is beginning......  There are 3 Senate and 1 Congressional complicated immigration reform bills to try to assist in slowing down the influx of unqualified foreigners taking over American jobs.  Passing of any of these bills would be helpful and I support all of them.  Let's take any steps forward. However, I do not

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America it is time to get mad. Fight back until the corporations give up (tap out).

Thousands upon thousands of American jobs are being shipped overseas.  At the same time, the corporations are bringing in thousands upon thousands of foreigners to take American jobs.  Qualified Americans are being fired.  Americans are training foreigners to do their jobs.  Americans are not being hired because corporations have shipped jobs overseas and have brought

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Honoring displaced Americans at New York Life

Sara Blackwell invites all terminated employees of NY LIfe to the Loss of Labor Day Event.

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The Loss of Labor Day

September 5, 2016 is Labor Day.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans have been fired in the past year because it is cheaper to higher foreign labor inside, and outside, the United States.  These Americans worked hard, were loyal to their jobs and cared about the work they did.  By the thousands, they were terminated most having

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Don’t Forget About L-1 Visas and Offshoring

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Mass Mutual kills American jobs and Americans’ Freedoms

Mass Mutual is outsourcing and offshoring American jobs by the thousands.  Americans lose.  America loses.  The billionaire executives and the corrupt/bought politicians win. MASS MUTUAL REQUIRES PRE-APPROVAL FROM THEIR EMPLOYEES BEFORE THE EMPLOYEE CAN PRIVATELY DONATE TO A POLITICAL CAMPAIGN.  Does this seem like freedom to anyone?!?! The actual MM document is copyrighted.  I removed it and I

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Foreign PACS and Foreign Lobbying Groups Influencing our Government and Media

Americans are losing jobs.  American data is being sent overseas.  Millions of Americans are out of work and replaced by foreigners in, and outside, the US. So what is being done?  See this Indian PAC who spends money to have an impact on our elections and our representatives. Nasscom is known for impacting the

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