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Sara Blackwell teaches Employment Law at University of South Florida in Tampa and she is a published author. Sara Blackwell has worked for large defense firms and for the United States of America for most of her legal career.

Letter to Senator Grassley Re USCIS Answers to Senator’s Questions

Senator Grassley wrote a letter in March of 2017 asking USCIS about violations of H1B abuse by Disney, Northeast Utilities and other companies in response to the 60 Minutes piece "You're Fired".  USCIS basically asserted that the agency will notify ICE if there is a violation found.  The real message of USCIS answers is that

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President Trump: Build a Virtual Wall to Save American Jobs and American Security

The Virtual Wall is a viable solution to STOP the offshoring business model.  A Virtual Wall would stop American citizens' private data from being sent overseas and would stop the access to US industries, such as airlines, trains, cell phones and banks outside the United States.  For security reasons, we need to keep American data

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Executive Order–H1B Made it to the Table

Many people were encouraged when the presidential campaigns began speaking about outsourcing and offshoring.  During his campaign, Trump spoke about the horrific uses of H1B visas to replace American workers.  Then, once elected, there is nothing but silence on outsourcing and offshoring from the oval office.  The visa application deadline passed with not even a word

60 Minutes Coverage of H1B Abuse

Please watch the 60 Minutes piece, share and dig deeper.  There is so much more to this awful business model than just H1B.  We need to know and share the whole truth.  We need people to understand the following: 1.  To save money, business owners are bringing in foreigners to fire Americans because it gives

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60 Minutes Piece on H1B Abuse, Sunday, March 19, 2017

Must watch 60 Minutes piece on H1B Abuse.  It exposes the real issues and is a main stream media outlet that is bravely talking about the issue of H1B abuse.  Please tell everyone to watch and to challenge President Trump to step up and act prior to the April deadline for an executive order.  Also,

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Thank you to Michelle Malkin for creating such a concise and clear explanation of outsourcing and offshoring.  This is such an incredible piece.  Everyone should watch this and share it with friends and family.

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IBM Uses “Relocation” as a Means of Mass American Termination

When IBM Corporation could not be more seedy, greedy and mean, the company starts a new policy of relocation of many of the company's American workers.  Workers, young and old, single and married, sick and well, are being forced to move across the nation if they want to keep their jobs at IBM.  Many workers

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UNUM Insurance Company outsources American jobs to HCL and jobs are going overseas. What can we do to help?

Unum Insurance company is a Fortune 500 Insurance company which insures 1/3 of the Fortune 500 companies according to its website.  It insures 30 million people and owns other insurance companies.  Unum signed a contract with HCL of America to outsource and offshore American jobs to India.  The company is slowly terminating the workers, forcing

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Fire Americans and Receive 20 Million Dollars in a Year

Ginni Rometty:  This anti-American, plantation owner, greedy, selfish profit mongrel just made approximately 5 million $$$$ bonus on top of her 1.6 million $$$$ salary and her 13.3 million $$$ equity profit.  For several years, IBM has been continuously firing hundreds of thousands of Americans and hired more employees in India than anywhere else in the

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Outsourcing/Offshoring is Redistribution of Wealth from American Worker to the CEO Billionaires

The ideal of outsourcing is brilliant.  A company that makes widgets can hire a marketing firm instead of two marketing employees, accounting firm instead of two accountants, etc.  This is simply a redistribution of workers from the widget company to the specialist company.  Take two workers from one work place and put them in another. 

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