UNUM is going to sign a contract with INFOSYS or COGNIZANT.  Once it is signed, then hundreds of UNUM employees will receive an “announcement” that they will be fired (90 days from the date of the announcement).  Some of the employees will be told that they will be “rebadged” to the contracting company.  This means the employee has no right to severance and will not be fired in 90 days.  Rebadge means they will be fired from UNUM and forced to work for the contracting company doing same work but as an employee of contracting company.  The employee can refuse to work for the contracting company but they will have to quit and they will not receive a severance.

During the announcement or sometime soon thereafter, UNUM will announce multiple job openings and opportunities for the targeted terminated employees and the company will encourage the targeted employees to apply.  These jobs are generally fake. You will apply for the jobs and not get the jobs.  This is done to keep you there training your replacements.

You will have an emotionally brutal time training the foreigners whether they are sitting at your desk with you or you are training foreigners overseas through the computer.  You have to be positive and try to train them.  They will not be as qualified as you.  You will feel awful about the training process because you are part of the problem of eliminating American jobs.  Also, you will feel like the outsider: the company and the foreigners v. you.  Your work and your training will be recorded to remain even after you are gone from the company.

Then you are fired on your final day.  You will have an opportunity to sign a severance and it will not permit you to sue or speak about anything.

UNUM employees: DO NOT EMAIL ME FROM WORK EMAIL OR CALL ME FROM UNUM PHONE.  Please contact me but do it from your personal computer and personal phone.  Keep a copy of all documentation regarding training schedules and information discussed above.  Also, I can do telephone conferences in which I can provide a call-in number and code and talk to many of you at one time with everyone keeping their identity anonymous.  I can help you even if you sign your severance and you will remain anonymous.

IF anyone is brave enough to stand up against this, call me first.  I can help you before you quit or leave.

UNUM employees:  sorry this could not be stopped.  I am so disappointed and saddened that UNUM is choosing greed over their loyal, highly qualified, hard working, American workers.