America deserves our fight. If you do not know what is happening all around you, please take the time to find out. American corporations are shipping out of the US thousands of American jobs and bringing in cheaper foreign labor into the US to take American jobs.

The federal and state governments are among the outsourcers and offshorers.

This is not just manufacturing….this is technology, radiology, customer service, accounting, claims handler jobs, pharmacists, and many other jobs.

This is not an anti-foreigner issue. This is not a liberal or conservative issue. This is not a democrat or republican issue. This is about putting America first and Americans first for American jobs. We need to keep America at work or we will be a nation of poverty.

It is more than Disney and a few other companies. Hundreds of companies are outsourcing and offshoring.

I will fight the big corporations. I will fight against the bought politicians. I will fight the misinformed individuals who consider this position racist. I will fight regardless of the threats thrown at me. This nation is worth the fight. Americans are worth the fight.

We must educate each other.  We must stand up when we become a victim of outsourcing or offshoring.  We must fight back.

For the love of GOD and COUNTRY.