In 2016, Delta outsourced the technology work to IBM.  IBM likely, almost certainly, shifted the work to India or some other poor country for the purpose that IBM executives could make maximum bonuses.  IBM sends the jobs and the control of the airline technology overseas without anyone debating whether Americans agree that the control of the airlines be given to non-Americans outside of America where American laws do not apply.

Not surprisingly, less than a year after the transfer of technology to IBM, Delta suffered from several computer shut downs grounding over 780 planes in one such shut down.  Mistakes happen and this article is not addressing competency.  The issue here is whether Americans agree with the control of American airline be outside the USA.

Merely a few months ago, British Airlines offshored their technology to India and suffered a shut down.  However, with BA, at least the media reported about the technology being in India when the shut down occurred.    I have not seen any American media reports on Delta’s shutdowns and the location of the technology that caused the shut down.  Americans demand more transparency and demand the right to debate the issue of control of US airlines given to oversea workers.

In addition to airlines, what else is controlled outside the US?  computers? banks? cell phones? trains? and what else?  Think of all of the things that are being outsourced and offshored.  Think of all of the times you called a customer service to be answered by someone outside the US.  Who has control? Who has our private data?