Please watch the 60 Minutes piece, share and dig deeper.  There is so much more to this awful business model than just H1B.  We need to know and share the whole truth.  We need people to understand the following:

1.  To save money, business owners are bringing in foreigners to fire Americans because it gives them bigger bonuses.

2.  The Americans are often required to train the foreigners.  The Americans are qualified but lose their jobs for greed.

3.  There is no shortage of American workers.  There are many, many qualified and over qualified American workers.

4.  Any and every job that can be conducted through internet or cloud then it will be sent to India and any similar poor country.

5.  All American citizens’ private data is sent overseas with the jobs such as private medical records, SS #s and banking information.

6.  There is NO American federal legal PROTECTION of the private data because our laws do not apply to foreign countries.

7.  The only winners of this business model are the corporate owners–CEO and top shareholders.  Do not be mistaken that this benefits the foreigners or the customers.  This is a disaster for everyone but the billionaires.

8.  This is not well known only because of the bullying of the American workers who know the truth and the media is owned by these billionaires.  Politicians have been bought by these politicians.

9.  The companies pay the bare minimum to the foreigners in the foreign countries which is typically extremely low wages.  Workers are not provided same protections as American workers.  Workers are over worked, under paid, and not treated with the human rights that we require in America.  We have allowed American billionaires use slave labor because it is not taking place in our country but the benefits are being experienced in our country.

10.  Recruiting of American workers in technology and similar businesses has been offshored to India and there is an intentional disconnect between the workers and the companies.  Some companies that want to do right are not given the true information of the available qualified workers because of the intentional disconnect.

11.  We need change.  We need immigration reform. But, more importantly, we need legislation on the protection of America’s private data.  IF we can stop private data at the virtual  borders of the United States, we will bring the jobs back to this country.  Other countries protect their citizens.  We need more protection.


Please see 60 Minutes piece.  Also, watch Michelle Malkin Investigates on CRTV which fully explains all aspects of this issue.  March 24, 2017–PBS “To the Contrary” is also airing a piece on this issue.  SPREAD THE WORD.  WE HAVE TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH.